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There are over a million native Chinese speaking residents and recent immigrants living in Vancouver, Toronto and other Canadian cities who are not adequately served by the predominantly English language business community. Recent immigrants most often have little North American home maintenance & design backgrounds and find it a struggle to follow technical jargon mostly in English. As a result, most of them make uninformed decisions based on word of mouth.

  • Preferred language. BlueMasters provides a platform for companies and professionals to offer unbiased expert opinions, in a language your Chinese speaking customers can understand, to allow them to make informed decisions.
  • Unique website. This is the only Chinese knowledge portal for home maintenance and renovations in Canada and North America.
  • Targeted audience. Visitors to our website are home owners, builders and contractors looking for specific information related to their maintenance projects at hand. Surround your brand with useful and relevant information sought by these visitors.
  • Establish authority. Establish your company as the subject matter expert by providing unbiased advice.
  • Organized information. Expert advice, announcements and other company messages are organized into categories, making such content easy to find and directly relevant to the information the audience is seeking.
  • Targeted exposure. Each piece of content is linked to a company listing. Visitors can get to the company profile, its products and expert advice with just one single click.

What you can submit to BlueMasters

You can submit the following to BlueMasters:

  • Company news / product announcements, etc.
  • Unbiased professional advice
  • Latest discounts and promotions
  • Inspirational images

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